Thursday, May 17, 2007

And then there was that policewoman in Macon, Georgia... Man, she was beautiful. Her hair shined like copper. McDougal fell in love with her immediately. Of course, it would never have worked out. And anyway, she was only interested in McDougal for his traffic violations. He showed up drunk at the jewelry store late one night, with the diamond from his grandmother's wedding ring and a hollowpoint bullet. Later that night, when he shot her with it, her Kevlar armor stopped the bullet. But that diamond kept right on moving. Kevlar is no match for the hardest substance on earth. They say it's a hard heart that kills, but she must have softened McDougal's, because his aim was off that night. The diamond hit a little bit low, and bounced off a rib. It lodged in the muscle, at the front of her heart. She carries it with her there, to this day. They say she's been searching for McDougal since the minute she got out of the hospital.

Who says romance is dead?


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